Monday, November 10, 2008

Our call arrived!

After almost 2 months of waiting, discrepencies, etc our call arrived. We were so excited to get our mail because we knew the letter had been sent and we were awaiting the arrival. We went to Chris and Sara's to open it and share with them. When we arrived Bishop Hales had just come home, so we invited him to join us. It was so exciting to have our call read aloud after 48 year of waiting. George read the call, with much emotion in his voice and my tears flowing. The initial call was to Virginia Richmond Mission with specific direction to be a Military Relations Missionaries to Norfolk Virginia.

Our farewell talk was on the 17 Aug. Sara and Chris hosted an open house that night and we were ready to leave for the MTC 19 Aug 2008


Paul and Mar Jean said...

So glad you are writing. What an exciting time for you. We are enjoying your lovely home and love you both so much. Have a great time. We miss you. love

Amy said...

Congratulations on getting things added to your blog!!!!

Catherine said...

I love and miss you guys! Im sad I didn't see u guys before u left but I think about u all the time. Xoxo.

Chuck and LeOra said...

Glad to find your blog. We are still waiting to see if the Sanchez got their visas. Things are going good. The earthquake is still all the local news. It will take a long time for Costa Rica to recover. So glad to get to talk to you on the phone.